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January 2020 - Welcome to our newsletter !

Galin Cleary MSc, BSc (Hons) - Doctor of Chiropractic

Galin graduated with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science before deciding to become a chiropractor. She attended Surrey University and completed her Masters degree in 2003. 

Since her graduation Galin spent 17 years working and building Durham House into the multidisciplinary clinics they are today. Nowadays she is happily working at Fleet, enjoying the challenges that arise from managing the two branches and a studio and juggling a busy home life with her husband and two sons.

Galin is very focused on patient education and preventative care. Areas that are of particular interest for her include the treatment of headaches, chiropractic care during pregnancy, the treatment of babies and children and SOT (Sacro-occipital technique). 

Galin recently qualified as a STOTT pilates instructor with particular interest in using pilates to rehabilitate and strengthen the core.

To find out more about Galin, click on the link below.

Full interview click here

What's On

We have a fantastic team of experienced chiropractors, sports massage therapists, acupuncturists, a podiatrist, nutritionist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, homeopath, counsellors, Alexander Technique practitioner and holistic therapist.

We strive to offer the highest levels of care and service to our patients and are here to support you with your New Year resolutions or intentions.

As well as our  standard Studio classes, we also have a couple of additional guest classes and workshops already booked in for this month: 

  • Seasonal Restorative Yoga with Kim Blair

  • Finding Peace In A Frantic World - 8 week mindfulness programme with Sarah Jensen

There are many other exciting guest workshops in the pipeline.
In February we have: 

  • An immersive sound and reiki workshop with Lucy and Simi

  • Another 2 day Hormone Yoga Therapy workshop with Eva

We also have yoga teacher training, seasonal yin teacher training, alignment workshops and many guest yoga teachers hosting over the next few months.

If 2020 is the start of a new beauty regime for you, speak to Sue Masters about her exclusive beauty offers available for this month.

 Keep an eye on our What's On boards in the clinics for more details.

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Top Tips

The New Year isn’t meant to initiate huge character changes!

It’s a time for you to reflect on your past year’s behaviour and aim to make positive lifestyle changes.

Setting small, attainable goals can help you reach whatever it is you strive for.

By making your resolutions realistic, there’s a greater chance that you will keep them throughout the year, incorporating healthy behaviours into your everyday life.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal and make 2020 your best year and decade yet!

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Recipe of the Month

Roasted Cauliflower Salad

It will be no surprise to the millions of people who have just started their January healthy lifestyle plan that the most popular new year's resolution for Britons is to lose weight! The majority of new year's resolutions made involve making 2020 a healthier year. Losing weight is many people’s priority, followed very closely by getting fit and eating more healthily.
But it's important to remember that getting fit and healthy isn't something to only be focused on in January - a realistic change for your health is a resolution that you can sustain for longer than the first few weeks or months of the year.

We would all like a quick fix solution and would love to see those extra Christmas pounds gone quickly, but quick weight loss is not usually permanent weight loss and diets that have strict rules or severely restrict calories have been shown to be unsustainable options. Very low calorie diets lower metabolism so when a person goes back to eating normally, their slower metabolism will ultimately mean that they gain all their weight back and usually a bit more on top.

Many of us very often follow a pattern of eating unhealthily, gaining weight and then going on a diet. We lose the weight but then go back to eating the same old things and so the yo yo weight effect continues. As Einstein said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” so perhaps it’s time for a new approach.

Forget the diet and concentrate on making small, sustainable changes to what you eat that will change your metabolism for the better. An eating plan which contains delicious foods made with whole grains, healthy fats and oils, beans, lentils, nuts and seeds and increased fruit and vegetables gives our bodies the nutrients that we need to function properly. As a result, many people find that energy improves, digestive symptoms resolve, their skin feels clearer, their eyes brighter and very importantly for many, those annoying extra pounds drop off at a sensible rate which means that they stay off.

If you would like a specific dietary programme to help you feel really healthy and lose those pounds while still eating really delicious food, why not book an appointment with our Nutritional Therapist, Jacqui, who can design an eating programme for your lifestyle and tastes.

This month’s recipe is a really delicious, hearty salad which can be made in advanced as part of a meal prep plan, making eating healthily much easier. It's filled with vegetables, healthy fats and good proteins to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Click here to try our recipe of the month


A habit can be defined as an action you do frequently and automatically in response to something in your environment.

Habit formation is the process by which new behaviours become automatic. Someone who instinctively reaches for a cigarette after waking up has a habit. But so does the person who feels inclined to lace up her running shoes and hit the streets as soon as she gets home.

Old habits can be difficult to break, and healthy habits are often harder to develop than one would like. That's because the behavioural patterns we repeat most often are etched into our neural pathways. The good news is that, through repetition, it's possible to form—and maintain—new habits. And even long-time habits that are detrimental to one’s health and well-being can be shaken with enough determination and a smart approach.

To read our article on habits click on the link below.

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Welcome to our new Farnham clinic receptionist Jessica Bateman who joins the team on 8th January.

Durham House has a Staff Recognition Award for exceptional performance based on nominations from our patients and other visitors to the clinic and Studio.
If you want to nominate a member of staff or have any feedback on our service, please do not hesitate to contact Galin via one of the clinic email addresses.

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